New Publication on Hawaii’s Coral Reef Fishery

After several years of working on this project alongside fantastic people at the University of Hawaii at Manoa and Conservation International Hawaii, and with the cooperation of numerous stakeholders in Hawaii’s fishing and ocean community, our manuscript titled Follow that fish: Uncovering the hidden blue economy of coral reef fisheries was published in PLoS ONE on August 3rd.

University of Hawaii news wrote an article on the paper, available here.

This paper uncovers the importance of Hawaii’s nearshore coral reef fishery and the important monetary, food provisioning, and socio-cultural benefits provided to the community.  We found that the noncommercial fishery was particularly important in delivering benefits.


We also discuss the management intervention options that exist along the fisheries value chain. Sustainability can be encouraged through many different management levers besides restricting fishing activity. A more efficient supply chain in which there is less waste and more educated consumers who are empowered to make more sustainable choices and enact change through their purchasing patterns are just some of the ways to encourage sustainability “off the hook”.


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