Projects and Publications


Market structures, trade networks, and governance of coral reef fisheries across a development gradient (PhD: ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies)

This is my PhD thesis research.  Using a mixed methods approach, my research seeks to better understand the interactions between markets and coral reef fisheries.

Developing a best practice global value chain framework for fisheries micro, small, and medium scale enterprises (APEC)

I ran a two day workshop in Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea for APEC. I engaged nearly sixty participants from eleven countries in a participatory process to develop this framework.

Economic and food contribution analysis for a Hawaiʻi seafood distributor (Partner: Conservation International)

I previously worked alongside a major seafood distributor in analyzing their position and role within the fisheries supply chain in Hawaii. This project allowed me to gain meaningful insights into fisheries traceability, sustainability, and the importance of fish distributors in supporting food provisioning and security.

Ecosystem service valuations in islands (Partner: UH Manoa)

I previously assisted with a subject review paper on ecosystem service valuations in islands.

Total economic valuation of Hawaii’s nearshore fisheries (Partners: Conservation International and UH Manoa)

I  lead an interdisciplinary effort to understand the monetary, food provisioning, and cultural values supported by Hawaii’s nearshore fisheries. We have found that this small scale fishery provides big benefits to society.

Value chain analysis of Hawaii’s nearshore fisheries (Partners: Conservation International and UH Manoa)

I previously conducted a value chain analysis of Hawaii’s nearshore fisheries for UH Manoa and Conservation International. I combined disparate datasets to assess the quantity of reef fish flowing through the economy, and the values associated with those flows. This project culminated in a final report delivered to project partners, and the work has naturally progressed into my current total economic valuation project.

Assessing the value of ecological attributes for dive tourism

I designed and conducted a study on how improved ecological attributes (and conversely, degradation) of coral reef ecosystems on Guam could improve economic value that could help justify management measures.


Developing a Best Practice Global Value Chain (GVC) Framework for Fisheries Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs)

Shanna Grafeld for APEC. 2018. Publication no: APEC#218-OF-04.1

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Towards an Ecosystem-based approach of Guam’s coral reefs: the human dimension  Mariska Weijerman , Cynthia Grace-McCaskey, Shanna L. Grafeld, Dawn M. Kotowicz, Kirsten L.L. Oleson, Ingrid E. van Putten. 2016. Marine Policy. Vol. 83. doi:10.1016/j.marpol.2015.09.028 

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